Get a glimpse of the Belmont’s arsenal in the latest Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania teaser

It?s good to see Konami is willing to lend their iconic IP to other devs (cause they?re certainly not doing much with them?unless you count pachinko.). We saw at last year?s edition of The Game Awards that Castlevania will be crossing over with Dead Cells. Today we get a glimpse of what we can expect from this mind blowing collaboration. The Prisoner will traverse new biomes which mirror sights seen in the ever changing Castle Dracula.

The key art also revealed the Belmont representative will be Richter and the Dark Lord?s wayward son Alucard might make an appearance as well. Weapons that will be discoverable thanks to this DLC will include Richter?s signature weapon the Vampire Killer, Holy Water and oddly sacrilegious Cross Boomerang! You?ll need these and many more tools as you?ll be able to face off against Dracula?s confidante Death as well as Nosferatu himself.

It?s absolutely fantastic that this title has had such long legs and it is wild that such a crossover can happen, while we wait for the DLC to drop, there?s certainly plenty to do in Dead Cells and it is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Switch. Let?s hope the devs can put a native version for the current gen consoles soon!

Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania screens:

Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania – Teaser:

Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania - Teaser

Here’s a reminder that our next DLC, Return to Castlevania, is coming early this year! To get you mentally prepared for some whipping and vampire-slaying, we’ve created a little teaser giving a nod to the classic Castlevania games and some (very quick) glimpses of gameplay…