Persona 3 Portable/Persona 4 Portable Care Package Breakdown

Whether you?re wandering about during the Dark Hour or staying in to catch the Midnight Channel, players today are treated to a duo of Persona titles that have exclusively been on the PlayStation platform. The team at Atlus was kind enough to send us a care package to ensure that our adventures are illuminated and our energy levels are kept high despite the late nights.

Packaged in an azure cube that could easily blend into the background of the Velvet Room, the contents of the box are items you likely find on the shelves of JUNES and two acrylic stand lights depicting the two phenomena that drive the two titles. First off the food?

  • Sapporo Ichiban Beef Flavor Instant Ramen – Someone splurged on the instant ramen here, IMO Sapporo is the higher end brand. Although Nissin Demae is my personal go to (Seafood flavor FTW by the way), if I want to treat myself I?ll grab a pack of Sapporo Ichiban and please leave the Maruchan for the poor college kids. My preferred instant ramen accompaniment is usually SPAM and Eggs?but somehow during this shoot I had no SPAM and have you seen the cost of Eggs nowadays?!?!A backup option is fish balls and if I?m really feeling crazy?a couple slices of American cheese (don?t knock it til you try it! Also please use Damae Seafood flavor).
  • Kameda Age Ichiban (Rice Crackers) –  I actually do keep this brand of Rice Crackers in the house?in a treasure chest no less. Why? Because I once saw Pro-Wrestler Kairi Sane open a treasure chest with the NXT title and I thought it was hilarious?yes, I am weird.
  • ITO EN Matcha Green Tea – Normally green tea isn?t my tea of choice, it?s usually jasmine, perhaps the water wasn?t hot enough because the cup I brewed was more milky than green?flavor was mild and it went down fine.

  • Morinaga Hi-Chew – These candies have seen a domestic release and even marketing pushes anime conventions. I?m surprised to learn the flavor variety has improved since their domestic launch and there some interesting options available to candy fans in the US.

  • Meiji Hello Panda Cookies, Chocolate Cr?me Filled – A delightful chocolate filled cookie that even melts the stern palate of my elderly father, as an asian growing up my loyalty lie with Lotte?s version Koala March w/ Strawberry Creme, but what was sent was quickly devoured as well.

The package also included two acrylic stand lights which would be plugged in or battery powered. The first stand depicted the clock with hands showing the Dark Hour, the event that allows the SEES team to enter Tartarus to combat Shadows in Persona 3 Portable. The second stand shows a TV depicting the Midnight Channel, the phenomena which is all the buzz amongst the denizens of the sleep town of Inaba. Each light can be set to cycle through various colors automatically or set to a static color. Certainly something that can be found in any streamer?s basic set dressing.

Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden are available on all current and last gen consoles today and we?d like to thank Atlus for this care package that actually took care of lunch rather than a midnight snack.