Tekken 7 has reached 10 million in lifetime sales and is receiving a new title update

Tekken 8 might be in active development, but that doesn?t mean support for Tekken 7 is ending anytime soon. The latest entry in the King of Iron Fist Tournament which has been chugging along since 2015 has officially crossed the 10 million units sold threshold globally according to Bandai Namco. The game which is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Steam has been a tentpole title in many fighting game tournaments for the last 7 plus years and has champions from across the world. The company also announced that an upcoming update should make streaming and running tournaments a lot easier. Version 5.10?s notes detail the following new features.

A Streaming mode which highlights players? online ID/GamerTag giving the game a look and feel similar to many Fighting Game Community (FGC) presentations. Modified Tournament restricts customizations giving the gameplay a more uniform visual acuity Connection Info Display gets additional details on the PC version, showing CPU load as well the formatting of the display. In addition to these quality of life changes, a slew of new character customization options have been added and the title will let you quickly select your previously selected custom character.

While Tekken 7?s days are ticking down, the title is definitely packed to the gills and can tide players over until the latest entry will be ready.