The Game Awards 2022: Jun Kazama is back in Tekken 8?

It?s a different father and son waging war in the latest entry in the long running Tekken series. Tekken 8 which was announced a couple months back had its first look at last night?s The Game Awards. Heihachi Mishima is out of the picture and it?s Kazuya Mishima taking on his son Jin Kazama with the world hanging in the balance.

The trailer seemingly shows Jin in quite a bind until the spectral image of his mother Jun Kazama reaches out to give him the strength to get back up! The montage also shows the new looks being sported by returning fighters Paul (giving the disheveled Ken Masters a run for his money), Law (looking less natural than the Liver King?what too topical a reference), King, Lars and the latest model of the Jack series, Jack-8.

The game will feature a new mechanic called the ?Heat System? which will award aggressive play with boons!

Tekken 8 screens:

As a long time fan of the Tekken series I can?t wait to get ready for the next battle and hopefully we?ll be able to ask series guardian Katsuhiro Harada for more details in the near future. Tekken 8 does not have a release window or announced platforms, but given they are building the game from the ground up it is likely that it will appear exclusively on current gen platforms.

TEKKEN 8 – Story & Gameplay Teaser Trailer:

TEKKEN 8 — Story & Gameplay Teaser Trailer

Father. Son. Mother. This family reunion is going to be explosive.?? #TEKKEN8 is bringing back old grudges to the new generation ? Kazuya, Jin, Paul, King, Law, Lars, Jack-8 and?the return of Jun Kazama!??

Get ready for the next-gen battle and look forward to a lot more in the next edition of Tekken ? old and new!?