Sky: Children of the Light soars onto PlayStation platforms on Dec. 6th, brings along a Journey Pack

Sky: Children of the Light is not quite the Journey sequel we’ve been looking for, but thatgamecompany is definitely taking us a bit closer to that destination when it finally hits PlayStation platforms on December 6th as a free to download title.

Offering gorgeous, stylish visuals and online crossplay with console and mobile platforms, one of the first events to take part in will be a virtual concert by musician AURORA on December 8th which will apparently connect 4,000 live players together.  And for those who miss Journey as much as we do, they will be offering up a PlayStation exclusive Journey Pack for $24.99 that includes a bundle of Journey-inspired items such as a cape, hood and mask.

Check out the pair of trailers, screens and more below!

What A Wonderful World | Sky: Children of the Light (Based on the fan creation):

What A Wonderful World | Sky: Children of the Light (Based on the fan creation)

Journey Pack | Sky: Children of the Light:

Journey Pack | Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light – PlayStation screens:

thatgamecompany ? the award-winning studio behind critically acclaimed titles including Journey, Flower and flOw ? today announced that Sky: Children of the Light will be launching on PlayStation consoles this December 6, 2022.

PlayStation players can look forward to wandering Sky: Children of the Light?s beautiful world, unraveling its history, and forming bonds with other adventurers from around the globe?all in a free-to-play experience with cross-play between mobile and console.

Those hopping into Sky: Children of the Light for the first time will also have the opportunity to experience a once-in-a-lifetime virtual concert with award-winning musician AURORA on December 8. Powered by a proprietary game engine, the concert promises to be revolutionary?connecting over 4,000 players together on the same screen, at the same time, in the world?s largest virtual concert venue for a shared emotional musical journey.

In celebration of the announcement, thatgamecompany has released a breathtaking brand new trailer here. This trailer was made in collaboration with animator and YouTuber ?SAD-ist?; it gives fans (new and old) a glimpse into the powerful story within Sky: Children of the Light. Earlier this year, SAD-ist released a fan video, self-described as ?a love letter to the community and creators.? Moved by this video, the team at thatgamecompany connected with SAD-ist to produce this trailer.

To further commemorate both the launch and the shared history between thatgamecompany and PlayStation, Sky: Children of the Light players will be able to purchase a Journey Pack that includes a bundle of items inspired by the iconic 2012 thatgamecompany title Journey. The Journey Pack is $24.99 USD and comes with a cape, hood and mask, each featuring the same designs worn by the Journey avatars who once traversed desert sands.