Dust off your VR passport for the new Venice-themed Walkabout Mini Golf course this week

As we always say, along with Synth Riders, Walkabout Mini Golf is the VR experience that keeps on giving. As we wait for the licensed Wallace & Gromit which was revealed somewhat recently, Might Coconut has teed up a new in the form of a new Passport Venice course.

Featuring 36 holes spread out across 2 difficulties, pack appropriately to see the sights and sounds of Venice, Italy in the new course should set putt putt fans back around $2.99 when it rolls out this Thursday, April 24th on compatible platforms which include the PS VR2, Meta Quest, Pico and Steam VR.

Check out the teaser trailer below.

Venice Teaser Trailer – Walkabout Mini Golf:

Venice Teaser Trailer - Walkabout Mini Golf

Get ready to roll into Venice this Thursday! Discover for yourself why Italians call this magical place Serenissima (“most serene”) and the perfect location for the explorer, trick-shotter, or wanderlust in you.