Games with Gold for December 2022 includes Colt Canyon, Bladed Fury

Microsoft has revealed the next set of titles for the more streamlined Games with Gold program for Xbox Live Gold and Ultimate Game Pass subscribers.  Streamlined as in no more will Xbox 360 titles be available as part of the free monthly set of downloads.

Still, those itching for new games to download for December 2022 will get Colt Canyon, Bladed Fury which will become available on a staggered schedule during the month and into January.

Check out the details of both below, and start downloading now!

Colt Canyon ($14.99 ERP): Available December 1 to 31
Hold on to your hats, partner. Let me tell you a tale ?bout a gunslinger that?s been left for dead and his partner kidnapped. It?s time for you to head out to Colt Canyon, an unforgiving western landscape filled with hidden treasures, weapons, danger, and bloodthirsty scum. Shoot your way through and maybe blow a few things up with TNT along the way with a spaghetti western soundtrack humming in the background. Save your partner and other innocents, and if you?re lucky, you?ll have a blast doing so and won?t end up as buzzard food.

Bladed Fury ($19.99 ERP): Available December 16 to January 15
Accused of murder and exiled, Princess Ji goes on a breathtaking, action-packed journey to prove her innocence, rescue her sister, and blaze a trail of bloody vengeance. Unleash your side-scrolling skills in this classic 2D game based on Chinese mythology. Take on ancient enemies and gods using high-octane combo attacks! The art and sound design are gorgeously rendered, mixing traditional flourishes with a surreal edge.