New York Comic Con 2022: Konami/Yu-Gi-Oh Booth report

As New York Comic Con slowly returns to normal, Konami showcased their Yu-Gi-Oh! card game once again on the same part of the show floor which they?ve head court for years. The card game has seen a bit of a renaissance with the release of its Multi/cross-platform game Master Duel in January. The card game is entering its 20th anniversary and it is finding new ways to reinvent itself, with new easier, and more accessible ways to enjoy the card game. Here is a quick rundown of what was shown off at their booth.

Master Duel, the free-to-play game released in January continues to run alongside the physical card game. The game continues to update with the latest sets which can be purchased or earned by grinding online. Speaking of online, the game continues to hold events and tournaments, including preview tournaments. In preview tournaments, you can only use the cards you have received from those select packs.

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The next game I saw was a new four-player card battle mobile game titled: ?Yu-Gi-Oh: Cross Duel?. Players can have 4-way battles, 2 V 2 battles, 4-player raid bosses battles, and one-player raid boss battles. Players can customize monsters and decks for different battles. You can partner up with characters from different anime seasons, teaming up with characters earns you trust points. The duel ends if you knock your opponents? life to zero or after 8 turns. The game is free and has in-game purchases.

Yu-Gi-Oh Cross duel basics:

Yu Gi Oh! CROSS DUEL 4 Player Match Basics EN

Speed dueling is a new and entry-level way of playing the main card game. What begin in their duel link game, Speed Dueling is a specialized version of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME. Both players start at 4,000 life points as opposed to 8,000. The goal is still the same. You want players to get down to zero LP. You have 4 different card types: Monster, Spell and Trap cards (which power up your monsters). The skill cards are unique to the deck you?re using and are based on the different characters from the shows. All the decks come pre-made and you don?t have to buy any additional cards for your deck. Making it the easiest version of the Trading card game.

Konami is showing that it has no signs of slowing down with its franchise card game. The card game is the most accessible it?s ever been. Free to play digital versions or easy premade decks, the trading card game is looking to go another 20 years. Konami is also refreshing fan-favorite deck builds and adding new cards for fan-favorite sets. There is something for everyone here.

Duelists would line up and try their luck dueling against pro players in hopes of winning unreleased sets.
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