Marvel?s Midnight Suns developer livestream recap

2K and Firaxis Games have provided some more gameplay and information about the new XCOM-style Marvel comics tactical RPG. The game which is set to release on December 2nd of 2022 received it?s first of many developer live streams led by creative director: Jake Solomon and Franchise producer: Garth DeAngelis. On the stream we got to see two missions and a preview of our main hub ?The Abbey?. We got info on game length and tidbit?s of what’s to come.

The first Stage we get to see is a NYC street based level where we see Dr. Strange, Ms. Marvel and Blade battle some low level Hydra agents. Each card base set provides each hero with their own skill set. Blade is an offensive damage dealer, Dr. Strange a support character and Ms. Marvel your ?nuclear weapon?. After a player plays a certain amount of cards, you get a special buff depending on your skill set.

Over 20 different missions objections per level, with different levels of enemy?s. Each enemy character does their own thing just like in the XCOM games. Each having their own niche. Combat items are shown. You can build and rescale your items in The Abbey. Combat items give you different perks and they?re built with resources collected throughout the game.

The game has a smooth progression system. You wake up in The Abbey and you have different things to do before you progress into your next story mission. You change mission difficulties at the start and end of every level. There is a normal difficulty, 3 levels of heroic and 3 levels of ultimate difficulty. The higher the level of difficulty, the better your rewards are and you also unlock ?overtime? which gives you a little bit more time to complete challenges in each level. Higher difficulty makes enemies harder and removes certain perks and revive cards. Giving you a greater challenge.

All Characters can be unlocked through story progression. At the end of each level you get a special comic cover (3d scenes). You can create and edit your cover at The Abbey. The Abbey will be your main hub in the game. It is fully customizable and will be shown off more on a future stream. Narrative missions will have a set character team and general missions will let you go back and choose which ever configuration of heroes you?d like. Squad sizes can be any number of heroes up to 3.

The 2nd mission shown off on the live stream was in a ?mystic wasteland? and involved the heroes Magik, Iron Man and Wolverine. Magik is a teleporter who moves enemies on the field. Knocking them out of place and helping to solve puzzles on the grid. Wolverine who is a hunter will have different legendary attacks depending on the path you?ve taken in the game. Iron man works as a tank, who has range attacks that can effect people out of bounds. Hunters (as of now) are the only class that are customizable. More news on that in a future stream. This level had puzzles to solve before you could make any offensive attack.

Garth DeAngelis confirmed during the Q and A that the game was anywhere to 50-60 hours long and that it was in fact a ?big game?. With over 45+ missions there is a lot of content to look forward to.

Marvel?s Midnight Suns is slated to release December 2nd, 2022 on the PlayStation 5, PC and Xbox Series X. More info about a PS4, Xbox One and Switch version would be released at a later date. Pre-orders are up now for the 4 different versions of the game.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Developer Livestream | Your Marvel Adventure:

Marvel's Midnight Suns Developer Livestream | Your Marvel Adventure

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