thatgamecompany’s Sky: Children of Light finally set to fly onto PlayStation platforms

As long time fans of thatgamecompany we were honestly a bit unhappy that Sky: Children of Light, their most recent release from 2019, was headed to only mobile gaming platforms including iOS, Android and Switch. We put countless hours into their previous PlayStation titles (flOw, Flower and Journey) and were somewhat disappointed that their newest experience, which loosely followed up on the concept of Journey, wouldn’t also be available on a PlayStation platform.

Well, that changes this December since thatgamecompany has revealed that Sky: Children of Light is officially flying onto the PS4 and PS5 as a cross-play enabled free-to-play release!  Check out the details and the stream from the TGS below.

Welcome to TGC @ TGS!:

Welcome to TGC @ TGS!

At the Tokyo Game Show, thatgamecompany ? the award-winning studio behind critically acclaimed titles including Journey, Flower and flOw ? announced that Sky: Children of Light will be launching for PlayStation in December 2022.

Sky: Children of Light is an interactive social play experience that users can peacefully, collaboratively, and expressively enjoy while altruistically connecting with other users; further expanding on thatgamecompany?s goal to create authentic experiences that foster human connections around the world. The beautifully-animated Sky: Children of Light has generated more than 160 million downloads across the App Store, Google Play and Nintendo Switch, and will now welcome millions more players when it launches on PlayStation in December.

Sky: Children of Light will be free-to-play and will provide cross-play capabilities for fans to experience the game between mobile and console versions, ultimately connecting more users around the world.

Since its debut, Sky: Children of Light has been honored with Apple?s 2019 iPhone Game of the Year and Apple?s 2020 Design Award, as well as wins at the SXSW Awards 2020, the Game Developers Choice Awards 2020, The Webby Awards 2020 and 2021, Google Play Store?s Best Indie Games of 2020 as well as other awards.