ESRB ratings be damned, speculators weep as Radiant Silvergun re-releases on the Switch

Coming out of left field on last week?s Nintendo Direct, the fabled Sega Saturn shooter Radiant Silvergun will be released by LiveWire Inc on the Nintendo Switch. Pilot the Silverguns and utilize its 8 weapon configurations to reach the crystal that decimated mankind!

This port will feature 5 difficulty modes, the story mode which was originally present in the arcades, and an online leaderboard which will allow players to fight for the title of the greatest Radiant Silvergun player. Another new feature is a mode which mimics the mechanics of its spiritual successor Ikaruga. While it was intended to release the date of the Nintendo Direct, ESRB ratings changes delayed the title?s North American release, but it is available today! So lap up those speculator tears and enjoy this acclaimed shooter developed by Treasure!

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Nintendo Switch版 レイディアントシルバーガン トレーラー



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*Now available worldwide…

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