E-Win Racing Knight Series Gaming Chair and H-Shape Standing Desk impressions

It?s interesting to see how, my first article for E-Win Racing, I spoke about having little experience with gaming chairs, but now here I am, checking out my 3rd chair!  On the good side of things, this chair is also in a different series which is the Knight Series, and the chair provided for these impressions was the black and yellow model which has the PlayStation button shapes stitched into it.

At first glance, the E-Win Racing Knight Series Gaming Chair is nicely designed and one can assume the color theme doesn?t match Sony’s official products for obvious reasons. This chair also looks to be one of their entry models, so I was a bit skeptical after being spoiled by the previous models I?ve covered here and here. I did go in with an open mind, and the most important aspect here is does the chair hold up like the others build wise.

The heft and build were always my biggest points of importance for actively being an E-Win Racing Gaming Chair user. Each chair has come with the special white gloves to keep your hands from getting dirty during assembly and helps with the grip of the Allen keys. The main difference with this model, was some of the components of the chair that have been already built in the package prior, I had to now install. (spoiled Much?)

Not a big deal at all but for the sake of comparison, the arm rests were installed on both previous models, and I had to install them this time. I would also like to note, I screwed up on this build initially and installed the hydraulic portion backward and didn?t realize until someone else noticed. Showing my age?

The design is overall very reminiscent of the Champion Series chair minus the material and fully adjustable arm rests which are very limited with the Knight Series. This is 100% a great chair for someone that cannot afford one of the higher end models, and not heavy like myself and need the wider seat found on the Flash XL which is still the best heavy duty gaming chair In my opinion.

Due to having two of these chairs, I offered it to my fellow editor Paul, who was the one to notice the failure of my installation. They will be using it casually and has a perfect place for it.  Keep in mind if you are looking to get one of these chairs you can save 20% with code gamingage using the link here.

As an added bonus, E-Win sent over their E-Win floor mat which works really well since I have wood floors and in my office they are actually not level and the chairs will not lock in place. This helps with that as they have a rubberized grip on the bottom with a soft material on top. My personal preference is the mat looks best with the Flash XL seen below.

Beside this chair, another item came in the mail that I was hoping to check out. It?s an H-Shape Pneumatic height Adjustable Standing Gaming Desk. For some of you may be aware, I also do some toy and collectable reviews on TikTok and have found myself with limited desk space to open items. I came across this desk on the site and thought it would be great to check out and see how it works. I?m happy to report, it?s a great item.

The size is a bit larger than a little snack table some have at home when you have guests over. It also has wheels, and they can be locked as well in the event you have some uneven floors. (I do?) It?s very easy to set up and has a small pneumatic system that gets installed on the bottom and lets you raise the desk for a full standing position you can see here.

You can also push down and use it at chair level and is a neat way to have something that can be multifunction as you also use it for its initially intended purpose like gaming. I tend to find myself using it for unboxings, and a mobile desk for music production. Personally, the H-Shape Standing Desk is one of my favorite products that E-Win Racing has to offer beside my Flash XL chair. It has a nice wood table top that is stylish and designed to fit well in any room as well.

This is my first time using something with the pneumatic raising and while it feels a bit sensitive when pressing the button, its not to not require it to be plugged in, charged or manually lifted. The thing you must do is manually push down when you want to get it to the lowest level.

Overall, the H-Shape Standing Desk is a great desk and I would highly recommend to anyone that can use that extra bit of work space without having to justify the room for a new full-sized desk. You can also get 20% off this desk with code gamingage here.

E-Win Racing provided us with a Racing Knight Series Gaming Chair and H-Shape Standing Desk for evaluation purposes.