E-Win Racing Flash XL Series Gaming Chair impressions

I don’t have extensive experience with gaming chairs, but I’ve had a couple of generic chairs over the years, and for the most part, they have done the job. Unfortunately, working exclusively remotely this past year has taken a toll on my chair. Imagine being in numerous zoom meetings and hearing the creaking of a chair or squeaking and popping. That can be quite embarrassing.

For a plus size man, it?s been a struggle trying to find the right chair. Most chairs out there have a size limit, which I never paid much attention to, until now. Many chairs usually have a 250lbs max weight, but you can use them and hope for the best.

Considering the heavy use of my chair during the past year, it was time for a replacement. Not only do I use my office for my day job, but I use it for my writing with Gaming Age, for my career and for my music, Neon Arcadia.

My previous chair was one you could buy on Amazon for around $100 and it was good enough for the time. Gaming Chairs are all the rage, but I just wanted a chair to look nice in my office, which it did. After working with E-Win Racing for the RGB Gaming Desk, and seeing the great quality, I was interested in seeing how well their Gaming Chairs were built.

You can read my coverage of the desk here.

Seeing EwinRacing gaming chairs offer an XL sized chair was a site for sore eyes. Clearly, other companies make them, but this was my first seeing them as I?ve become more thoughtful of researching for a better chair. Compared to other chairs, this chair is enormous. Just putting it next to my other chair, it’s night and day. Not only the quality build, but the wheels and the pieces that come along with it to make the chair.

The biggest difference that I see with the gaming chair, is the hydraulic system that goes below the chair. There’s more heft to it, and there’s more flexibility. There’re a lot of chairs out there that can go all the way back so you can lay back on them. Not something I’ve ever comfortable trying but this chair does have that feature. There?re also the adjustable arm rests. This is one thing that’s going to take a little getting used to. The armrests have a couple of options you can slide back and forth, up and down, and even side to side for big guys like me.

The chair also has something I?ve seen a lot of office gaming chairs, which I never understood, which are the neck and back pillows. I never understood how it could be comfortable. That was until, I sat on this chair of course. What?s nice is they can be removed if you prefer not to use them. Overall, my best takeaway from the office gaming chair is the sheer size of it.

The seat is wide and has a nice depth to it, which helps with long sessions. It’s also very heavy. It’s got that traditional kind of pleather material but the quality, like the stitching is solid work. One other thing I noticed after building the chair was it didn?t take long at all. I would say maybe 25 minutes from start to finish.

You don’t have to be a gamer to enjoy a chair like this, as it works for anyone. The minor gripes I have with it is the armrests, which due to the adjustability, they feel a bit on the flimsy side. They are loud when you simply rest your arms on them but, it?s not a deal breaker by any means.

The major benefit of this chair is it?s comfortable. Needing to sit in a chair for 8-12 hours a day takes its toll on your back and ass. My hope is it will last for several years. While, the XL is on the pricey side, if you don?t need the large weight support, which is 550lbs, they have plenty of models of all sizes and designs and you can get a special discount by using ?gamingage? and save 30% off here.

Note: E-Win Racing provided us with a Flash XL Series Gaming Chair for review purposes.