E-Win Racing Champion Series Gaming Chair impressions

I?m no longer a stranger to the world of Gaming chairs thanks to my previous experience with E-Win Racing. If you are not familiar, I previously provided coverage for a different chair in their lineup as well as their RGB Desk. You can check those reviews here and here. You can also see a speed build on my TikTok page.

Having spent a little over a year with the ?Flash XL? Gaming Chair, I knew the product was built to last as it hasn?t shown any sign of wear and tear and still feels new. My biggest criticism with the chair was the material as I?m not very fond of Leather or Pleather styles. During the Winter the chair can get to very cold temperatures and someone that works from home, it can be a bit uncomfortable for 8 hours plus a day.This year, my home office went through various changes including the addition of another work desk. This would be the E-Win Racing RGB desk I also reviewed as it was previously in a different room. As my primary career has been allowing me to work from home most days, I?ve found it challenging to use my music production desk for both. Now, with two desks in my office, I decided it was time to have two chairs and used an old used chair my wife obtained from her previous employer which, has seen better days.

E-Win Racing Champion Series Gaming Chair

This setup is not what most would do, but it happens to work well for me. After several months using this ?used? Generic office chair, I found my back hurting again more that usual. It was time to change the chair. I remembered this was the same transition I went through during my previous chair update via the ?Flash XL? Gaming Chair.

This coverage is more to the experience, comparison to the ?Flash XL? and won?t be speaking about the building steps which is mentioned in the previous review. The most important difference between the chairs is the size. Clearly, the XL is a wider and heavier design meant for the big boys like me. I wasn?t sure if any of the other chairs would be appropriate for me, but I would stand to be corrected as most of their chairs, support up to 400LBS and recommended for heights between 5?3 ? 6?5.

Another comparison is the overall chair material. This time we are treated to a soft- Fabric gaming chair, which I?ve not experienced before. This is a nice change since it breaks the Mold for what?s expecting in a gaming chair. It has a nice soft feel, but at the same time has a solid support feel so you don?t sink into it. The previous ?generic? chair had a fabric type material but with a pattern that included holes, so things would get stuck in it. Looking down at that chair now is scary and gross for sure. Despite the sleek design, this is truly a heavy duty gaming chair.

One noticeable difference is the depth of the seat itself. Since I?m comparing to the XL, I understand the chair will not be as large, but I do find myself feeling closer to the front portion of the chair than I?d like. My size is to blame so I can be upset as the chair isn?t designed for me, but it does do a good job of supporting me and my weight.

With the Flash XL, there is an upper neck pillow and a lower back one which are attached with elastic straps. For the Champion Series, the upper one has the strap but the lower is just a loose pillow, so I find myself having to adjust it from falling each time I get up, which has become 2nd nature, but would prefer it being somehow attached. I may just add some sticky tabs with Velcro to it and see if that helps.Overall, it?s a nice chair both visually and with pure comfort. As I?ve said before, I was never a fan of the Gamer chair design, but E-Win won me over with not one but two different designs, that are made for a variety of users, both gamer and non-alike.

It?s hard not to recommend their designs, so make sure to use the code gamingage to save 20% of your order. You won?t regret it.

Note: E-Win Racing provided us with a Champion Series Gaming Chair for review purposes.