Take the Turbo Kid demo for a ride on September 26th

Turbo Kid, the niche sci-fi splatter action comedy film that captured the attention of film fans in 2015 will attempt to grow its audience with a Metroidvania style game which hopes to bridge the first film with its eventual sequel.

Kickstarted by over 1936 backers, these crowdfunders will finally get their hands on a vertical slice of the title as Outerminds (PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist) on September 26. The final game will feature an original tale which shows what happens to ?The Kid? after the events of the first film, equipped with the Turbo Rider armor and arm cannon he will traverse the wasteland to see what is left of civilization.

This title will also feature The Kid?s All Terrain Bike which hopefully will make traversal a lot easier. Looks like we?ll see on September 26th where the title will tentatively place on Benny Rose?s Top 10 list of 202X. The game?s release date has yet to be revealed, but perhaps the reception to the demo will either speed up or delay the release.

Turbo Kid screens: