RayStorm x RayCrisis HD Collection hits the PS4, Switch in 2023

ININ Games and Taito is on a roll with their retro releases as of late, and it looks like they are set to bless us with some vertical shmup goodness in the near future!

RayStorm and RayCrisis (and the first game in the series, RayForce or Gunlock/Galactic Attack) were genre defining in the arcade and when they first came to home consoles, so it’s great to see they are being remastered and re-released as part of the RayStorm x RayCrisis HD Collection and Ray’z Arcade Chronology releases. And for collectors out there, in digital and physical form.

RayStorm x RayCrisis HD Collection, set to release at $39.99 for the PS4 and Switch includes various forms of RayStorm and RayCrisis, including HD remasters and the originals.  The Ray’z Arcade Chronology adds RayForce to the collection for an extra $10.

RayStorm x RayCrisis HD Collection is set to hit the consoles sometime next year, so for now check out the first set of screens and product shots

RayStorm x RayCrisis HD Collection/Ray’z Arcade Chronology screens:

ININ Games announce today that they will bring the legendary Ray-series of vertical shooters to the West, in partnership with TAITO, both digitally and boxed for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 (PS4), with the release planned for 2023.

As one of the most iconic vertical shoot ‘em ups (shmup), the Ray-series is a popular brand of legendary developer TAITO. First introduced in February 1994, with the release of RayForce for the TAITO F3 arcade, the series quickly became one of the most popular arcade games of its time. Also known as Gunlock or Galactic Attack outside of Japan, it was followed by two sequels with RayStorm and RayCrisis, both featuring polygon-based 3D graphics instead of sprite-based ones.

To honour this shoot ‘em up icon’s legacy, there will be not only one, but two special collections heading to the West with pre-orders starting shortly.

The RayStorm x RayCrisis HD Collection was devised by ININ Games, to combine the best the Ray-series has to offer, for shoot ‘em up fans around the world at an affordable price point of 39,99 EUR/USD. RayStorm x RayCrisis HD Collection includes the original RayStorm and RayCrisis and their respective HD versions, known for their exciting gameplay. This exclusive Western compilation will be available as a boxed retail edition and for download.

On top of that, ININ Games is also bringing TAITO’s original Japanese Ray’z Arcade Chronology to the West. This collection further adds the classic game that started it all, RayForce, and will be available to download for 49,99 EUR/USD.

RayStorm x RayCrisis HD Collection (available as boxed edition and for digital download)

  • RayStorm
  • RayStorm NEO HD
  • RayCrisis
  • RayCrisis HD

Ray’z Arcade Chronology (available for digital download)

  • RayForce
  • RayStorm
  • RayStorm NEO HD
  • RayCrisis
  • RayCrisis HD

Once again involved in the porting of the games to modern consoles like for previous TAITO classics, are the masters of remastering at M2! The games will come with HD graphics, a great soundtrack and additional features and gadgets.

A limited Ray-series collection for the biggest fans out there with an exclusive extra never been released on cartridge before

As a special way of honoring this great series, Strictly Limited Games have created an exclusive Limited and Collector’s Edition for Ray’z Arcade Chronology containing several physical collectibles – a great addition to every collection of video games or for those who love the classic shmup! These editions will also include the previously unreleased prototype “R-Gear”, the original planned successor of RayForce! Pre-orders for these exclusive editions are already live and only at strictlylimitedgames.com