Taito and ININ Games announce two Darius Cozmic Collections for Switch/PS4

Taito and ININ Games announced today that they’re bringing two new Darius collections to the Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 on June 16th. Titled Darius Cozmic Collection Console and Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade, these digital releases will contain a number of Darius shoot ’em up classics, with the console collection packing in Genesis, Master System, SNES, and PC Engine versions, along with different region versions of the games contained in the collection.

The Arcade package will feature a slightly smaller set of games, but again featuring different versions such as Darius and Darius II, SAGAIA, and Darius Gaiden.

For more info on the upcoming releases, check out the full PR below, along with two YouTube trailers showcasing each version.

Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade - digital release for PS4 & Switch on 16.06.2020

Darius Cozmic Collection Console - digital release for PS4 & Switch on 16.06.2020

Stuttgart, June 11th – The localised, digital, versions of one of the highest revered Shoot ?Em Up game series in the history of video gaming are heading to the Nintendo eShop and PSN. The Darius Cozmic Collection Console and the Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade will be available on 16th June 2020.

Make it Simple, Make it Tough!

The Darius series pioneered horizontal Shoot ‘Em Up games and was developed by the legendary TAITO Corporation. The first Darius game wowed arcade going fans when it was

released in 1986 with its dedicated dual-display cabinet, imaginative enemy designs and revolutionary sound design.


The first Darius is set in a futuristic 2D world, where the player pilots a Silver Hawk craft alone, or with a second player, and shoots their way through enemy hordes, navigating tricky terrain and battling giant robotic sea creatures.  Armed with missiles, bombs and a forcefield, which can be powered up along the way, the players must defeat the alien invaders through a series of branching ?zones? to be victorious.

Numerous sequels and ports followed over the years, setting new standards for Shoot ‘Em Up excellence each time, from the outstanding soundtracks,  to the unforgettable, aquatic-lifeform-themed boss design and the innovative branching paths at the end of each section

The Darius Cozmic Collection represents the classic 2D history of this iconic Shoot ‘Em Up series. All games have been faithfully ported to modern consoles by M2 in Japan, so gamers can rest assured that these are absolutely high-quality ports with perfect performance – as one would expect from the retro game experts at M2.

Darius Cozmic Collection Console – Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4

This download collection includes 6 titles (9 versions) from the Darius home console series:

  • Darius II (Mega Drive, JP version)

  • SAGAIA (Genesis, US version)

  • SAGAIA (Master System, EU version)

  • Darius Twin (Super Famicom, JP version)

  • Darius Twin (Super NES, US version)

  • Darius Force (Super Famicom, JP version)

  • Super Nova (Super NES, US version)

  • Darius Alpha (PC Engine, JP version)

  • Darius Plus (PC Engine, JP version)

Price: 54.99? / 44.99 GBP / 59.99 USD

Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade – Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4

This download collection includes 4 titles (7 versions) from the Darius arcade series:

  • Darius (Arcade, original version)

  • Darius (Arcade, new version)

  • Darius (Arcade, extra version)

  • Darius II (Arcade, Dual Screen version)

  • SAGAIA (Arcade, ver.1)

  • SAGAIA (Arcade, ver.2)

  • Darius Gaiden (Arcade)

Price: 39.99? / 34,99 GBP/ 44,99 USD