Meet the trio of protagonists of New Tales from the Borderlands

Our time in the Borderlands universe has primarily been outside of the confines of civilization, but it seems that?s going to change in New Tales from the Borderlands, the choice based cinematic experience that is a sequel to Telltale Games developed Tales from the Borderland. Developed in-house by Gearbox Montreal, we were treated to a new trailer at Gamescom where we caught a glimpse of where the action will be taking place as well as the trio of protagonists whose fate you?ll be deciding.

Siblings Anu, Octavio and their handicapable friend Fran will try to survive the invasion of the city of Promethea by the Tediore corporation (one of the leading arms manufacturers in-game). In the midst of the chaos the trio will try to overcome the odds, make lemonade out of lemons and your choices will determine how sweet the results will be. Hopefully this ride will include some familiar faces from the other Borderland titles.

The first episode of five part title will launch on October 21st, 2022 and players can either purchase it digitally or a deluxe physical version which will include the original Tales from the Borderlands. The episode release schedule has yet to be revealed, but hopefully Gearbox will manage the cadence a bit better than Telltale. New Tales from the Borderlands will be available on PC, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

New Tales from the Borderlands screens:

New Tales from the Borderlands – Official Announce Trailer:
New Tales from the Borderlands - Official Announce Trailer

The Borderlands aren’t just home to Vault Hunters, Bandits, and weapons-corp CEOs?they?re also full of downtrodden, intrepid civilians just trying to live under the oppressive, designer wing-tips of the 1%. Something has to give!

Insert three loveable losers who, individually, can?t stay out of their own way. But together? Well, they might just be able to make their wildest dreams come true!

Take over the lives of Anu, Octavio, and Fran as they:
☠️Face down a planetary invasion
👾Battle vicious Vault monsters
👊Dismantle cold-hearted capitalists
🌎Endeavor to change the world, and maybe even save it!

In this cinematic thrill ride, what happens next is up to you! Meet a motley cast full of misfits, assassin bots and talking guns in this race to the top! Fight back against exploitation and corporate greed in this narrative-driven adventure.

It’s time to Make Mayhem Your Business! New Tales from the Borderlands is coming on October 21st!