Deathverse: LET IT DIE to launch simultaneously on PC and PlayStation this Fall

In a surprise live stream dubbed Deathverse: LET IT DEV LIVE, which aired on August 17th. The team at Supertrick games reviewed the concept behind the game and dropped the news that unlike their previous title LET IT DIE, PC players will be able to enter the bloody game show Death Jamboree on day 1 along with PlayStation players.

PC Players who wanted to climb Tower of Barbs were stuck outside looking up as the PC port of the free to play action role-playing game launched 2 years after the PlayStation version. This simultaneous launch makes sense as you want the largest player base possible given Deathverse?s PvE nature. Let?s hope this means the title will have cross progression.

For the uninitiated, Deathverse is an upcoming free to play melee based Battle Royale. 16 players enter with the weapon of their choice, traverse an interconnected but gradually shrinking battlefield, scrounge, skirmish, and try to be the last person standing. Deathverse: LET IT DIE launches on PC and PlayStation this Fall.



In this livestream of “DEATHVERSE: LET IT DEV LIVE”, Uncle Death and the Director, Hideyuki Shin, announce some important news about the release of “DEATHVERSE: LET IT DIE”! Also, learn more about the game through live gameplay and the long-awaited showcase on how to dodge your way past opponents!