E-Win Racing RGB Gaming Desk review

Let me start by saying I?m not a traditional PC gamer that has the bells and whistles that come along with a PC gamer setup. This doesn?t mean, I don?t appreciate some of the insane setups I?ve seen out there including Ultra-Wide Monitors, (Yes, you Tyler! Lol), Brightly lit Mechanical keyboards, LED lights everywhere, and even the SUPER Gaming Rigs.

For me, I tend to try and squeeze a million things into a tight space. Why? I?m not sure, but it may be due to not having the kind of space I have now in my personal office.

My traditional work desk is HUGE and has a lot going on. That desk is used more for daily work, to music production with the occasional PC gaming session. It?s a real mess? I?ve longed to be able to simply have a gaming area but it?s not realistic with this current setup.

I?ve been looking at a way to have a different setup elsewhere in the house but wasn?t sure where to look since there are so many brands out there. Then I remember coming across E-WIN Racing from fellow editor and Podcast mate Tyler Nethers reviewed one of their gaming chairs, which he loves and still uses to this day. You can read his review here.

With that said, E-WIN Racing sent me one of their RGB Gaming Desks with Smart Wireless charging built in. I remember building my current desk and how it took several hours to build so I was dreading this part. To my surprise, once opened, the content was bare, and the manual didn?t have a ton of steps.

Good sign so far. The main challenge with building this E-WIN gaming desk is due to the weight, it?s strongly urged to do with two people. I didn?t have this option at the time so I had to make do and will also encourage another person. Don?t be a hero. No one will see you if you get hurt? After about 40 minutes or so, the desk was completed. Or so I thought.

One of the main things you need to have another person for is to set up the wire connections for the RGB lights and the USB to power them. You will connect them as you build, but once you add the top part of the desk, the cables are neatly hidden and inaccessible without taking it apart again. To my dismay, this is what I had to do. Lesson Learned.

Another 20 minutes later and the desk is complete. Testing the lights is also something you should do early on and they mention this in the instructions, but I clearly missed it. Don?t be me, be better. Read those directions like you read all the terms and agreements out there? The lights were working thankfully and are neat to see in person. It allows you to use the area without having the main room light on and the buttons are built right into the desk which include ways to change the colors and patterns. This is a great gaming desk that would work best in a room where you can have it centered in a wall. In my case, due to space, it?s in a corner so one side of the lights don?t glow as prominently.

As of now, the testing with the desk has been with using a MacBook for music production but also to have a but of a unique setup. At this time, I?m not able to move my Gaming PC to this location so we will be testing with Game consoles and a Portable Projector with built in screen. Currently, I?m using a standard folding chair to sit at the desk and this works well with the two setups I have. You can see them in the images below.

The width of the desk makes for nice flexibility with changing the setup on the fly, which is important for my current situation. The screen is larger, but still leaves room for the MacBook screen and my Midi controller when writing music. One thing, I will say, the lights do a great job of creating an atmosphere, especially when I?m doing my sessions in the evening. Hell, it also looks awesome too. The simple design also works for creative solutions like potential storage options below the desk when working with tight spaces.

I would have to say, the best time I?ve had with sitting at the desk was playing my Nintendo Switch. The console is usually hooked up to my bedroom TV, but sometimes the Mrs. would like to watch something, and I don?t always like to play in handheld mode. This was the perfect opportunity to set up in the same area, where I could still carry a conversation with her while we both do our own thing.

Overall, the E-WIN Racing RGB Gaming Desk is a great piece of furniture that is not only durable, but versatile and the modern design looks like in most living situations. My setup is very unconventional, and that?s why I like it the most. It?s accommodating by not limiting how I set it up. The only real drawback I have with it is the placement of the RGB buttons. They reside on the lower right top portion of the desk, where my arm will be for moving the mouse with music production. This leads me to have the lights disconnected as I?m always touching them unintentionally.

The E-WIN Racing RGB Gaming Desk is available for $429.99 and can be found at: https://www.ewinracing.com/41-rgb-gaming-desk

You can learn even more about it here. Our readers can also save 30% off using the code GAMINGAGE during checkout.

Note: E-WIN Racing provided us with a RGB Gaming Desk for review purposes.