Mini Words Collection review for Nintendo Switch

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Publisher: QUByte Interactive
Developer: Mens Sana Interactive
Medium: Digital
Players: 1
Online: No

Mini Words Collection does something that I thought was impossible: it makes word games boring.

I mean, I know that?s how a lot of people find them, but I?m crazy about word games. Even when don?t love them, I still get some enjoyment out of them. With Mini Words Collection, the most I can muster up is indifference.

Mind you, I get the sense that Mini Words Collection isn?t really made for people who already speak English. If you check out its eShop page, you?ll find that it proudly proclaims that one of the games included, Pathfinders, is ?(g)reat for the little ones learning English”, while Mini Words itself boasts that it includes enough words to cover ?90% of conversations in English.”

There?s nothing wrong with gamifying linguistic learning ? as someone who just reached 900 days in my Duolingo French, I?m certainly in no position to bash it. And if you?re just learning English, Mini Words Collection could be a good way to learn some of the more basic words. But even then, it?s worth noting that you won?t find out how to use the words you?ve learned ? there?s no conjugating verbs or anything. It?s just straight up spelling.

I should also note that the collection includes one other game, Polyglot, which varies from the other two only in that it asks you to translate words in other languages into English. While it?s kind of interesting to see how different words get translated, the game loses its allure pretty quickly once you see that you?re really just doing the same thing over and over again ? much like you?re doing in the other two games.

If you just want to learn to spell, I guess, that makes Mini Words Collection kind of an attractive proposition. If, however, you?re a fan of word puzzles and you want anything that?ll challenge you in the least, then keep looking, because you?re not going to find that here.

QUByte Interactive provided us with a Mini Words Collection Switch code for review purposes.

Grade: C-