DC Universe Online celebrates Wonder Woman’s 80th birthday with in-game gifts!

My only exposure to DC Universe Online comes in the form of Kinda Funny?s resident loudmouth (I say this with much endearment) Greg Miller, as he would occasionally pontificate about his adventures in the digital DC universe as the original super heroine Taylor Swift (yes…he named her after the ?1989? Songstress). Launched in 2021, the game has been chugging along for 10 years and has last seen an update as recent as August 2021.

Today  comes news that the game will be celebrating Wonder Woman?s 80th anniversary with a package of in-game goods. As the only female member of DC?s trinity, this iconic character burst onto the scene in All Star Comics #8 which was published October 21, 1941. Today on her publication debut, players can claim the following package of items by logging into the game between October 21st and November 17th.

  • Amazonian Warrior Chroma Pack
  • Champion of Themyscira’s Shield
  • Bombshell Wonder Woman’s Aegis
  • Reforged Wonder Girl Bracers
  • Wonder Woman?s 80th Anniversary Poster (Base Poster & Large League hall poster)
  • Wonder Woman?s 80th Anniversary Emblem
  • Transparent Wonder Plane accessory.

DC Universe Online – Wonder Woman 80th anniversary: