Retro Forge Games reveal their first title with the Souldiers announce trailer

We live in an age where metroidvania style games are plentiful (I?m pretty sure I?ve played 3-4 in 2021 alone), so it?ll take a lot for a new title in the genre to stand out. Souldiers from Retro Forge Games definitely have my attention. In an announce trailer that dropped on October 21st, this title has you controlling one of three classes (Scout, Caster and Archer) as you traverse the interconnected world of Terragaya.

The trailer shows a bevy of beautiful environments that range from a lush forest, bubbling swamps and even an Egyptian-ish tomb, as well as intense action and screen filling bosses. Published by Dear Villages (who has found great critical success with their release The Forgotten City), this title is scheduled to release on the Nintendo Switch and PC in Spring of 2022. While I wait I guess I?ll have plenty of time to ponder the meaning of ?Souldier?.

Souldiers screens:

Souldiers – Announcement Trailer:
Souldiers - Announcement Trailer

Souldiers will be released in spring 2022!

Explore, hone your skills and fight for your freedom in this unforgiving 2D Metroidvania developed by Retro Forge Game. Available on PC and Nintendo Switch