Go on a ride-along with the Fashion Police Squad starting on 8/6/21

I?m a man who believes in justice and frankly crimes should always be punished accordingly. So it?s nice to see a title tackle crimes which are seldom addressed. Fashion Police Squad is a FPS where you hit the streets as Sergeant Des to dole out justice against fashion crimes. Publisher No More Robots announced that potential cadets can sign up for a beta which starts this Friday, August 6th. Those who aren?t aware of the daily routine of an officer of fashion law can check out the title?s reveal trailer or a more in depth video which showcases 10 minutes of gameplay.

Fashion Police Squad screens:


Fashion Police Squad Reveal Trailer:

Fashion Police Squad Reveal Trailer

Baggy pants, dull suits, sightings of socks with sandals… A message needs to be sent, and it needs to be sent in style. Time to serve some good ol’ Fashion Justice