Transformers Kingdom (War for Cybertron Trilogy) Figures and Artwork unboxing

Anyone who is anyone — whether from the countless video games, movies, TV shows, or the incredibly long running toy line, knows who the Transformers are — and the fine folks over at Hasbro sent us over a cool package containing figures from the current Kingdom line as well as from the Netflix series.

The Kingdom series is the 3rd chapter in the War for Cybertron series currently airing on Netflix and it sees the Autobots crash land on Earth with the Decepticons following closely behind as both are looking for the All-Spark that Optimus Prime launched through a Space Bridge at the end of season 1. This final part of the Cybertron series will introduce viewers to the Transformers that made up the Beast Wars line of figures as well as some new G1 inspired characters that are still on Cybertron.

Please enjoy these photos of the figures and artwork that Hasbro sent over, as well as a detailed unboxing video that we put together showcasing what was sent to us.

Oh, and one last thing, if you keep an eye on our Twitter feed, we are going to be having a giveaway for these figures, so keep an eye out for our post explaining what you?ll need to do to win one of the figures that Hasbro sent over.

Transformers Kingdom (War for Cybertron Trilogy) Figures and Artwork unboxing:

Transformers Kingdom (War For Cybertron Trilogy) Figures and Artwork unboxing.

Transformers Kingdom Figures and Artwork gallery: