EA games headed to Google Stadia, 2 month free Pro trial with PUBG now available

During today’s scheduled Google Stadia Connect event, Google revealed a new partnership with EA, alongside a number of new titles including PUBG for the service.

They also confirmed that all gamers can get in on a new free 2 month Pro trial, starting right now. What does that mean? Well free games, including PUBG, Destiny Collection, and plenty of other options to purchase to own.

EA games on the way include FIFA, Madden NFL and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Other titles now available or coming soon include OCTOPATH TRAVELER, Zombie Army 4: Dead War, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom and others.

Watch the video for the event below!

Stadia Connect 4.28.2020 – Now Free To Try At Stadia.com:

Check it all out at Stadia.com of course.