Asdivine Dios review for PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, Switch

Platform: PS Vita
Also on: PS4, PC, Switch, Xbox One
Publisher: KEMCO
Developer: EXE-Create
Medium: Digital
Players: 1
Online: No
ESRB: E10+

Asdivine Dios is a) from KEMCO, and b) the third game in the Asdivine series. Consequently, it probably won?t shock you too much to learn that it?s pretty much exactly what you?d expect from it. It?s a kinda-retro JRPG that doesn?t do anything well, but doesn?t do anything badly either.

In other words, it?s a KEMCO release.

To be fair, some of those are marginally better than others. Revenant Saga, for example, was (probably inadvertently) hilarious on account of how terrible all the characters were to each other, and I think I kind of liked Dragon Sinker (though I really don?t remember why). Further, even the worst ones still coast along being forgettably inoffensive.

In Asdivine Dios? case, the worst thing to say about it is that it errs far too much on the wordy side, and doesn?t have any option for fast-forwarding through text. While I?m sure that will be a relief for anyone who loves this series and doesn?t want to miss a single word of it, it really just felt like padding for padding?s sake. Plus, while there are certainly worse offenders out there, the Asdivine series has always been kind of weird about surrounding their male main characters with women who worship the ground they walk on and this game is no exception. In fact, Asdivine Dios takes the ?worship the ground they walk on” thing literally, since the main character also happens to be the creator of the universe (which also adds all kinds of squickiness to the way main character Izayoi interacts with his creations//wannabe love interests). Not having a fast-forward option means you have to scroll through the seemingly endlessly cringeworthy dialogue, which doesn?t do the game any favours.

Still, as I said before, we?re talking about a KEMCO game, so you more or less getting exactly what you?d expect when it comes to Asdivine Dios. There are far worse JRPGs out there, but there are also far better ones, and this one comes in right where you?d expect, in the exact midpoint between those two extremes.

KEMCO provided us with an Asdivine Dios PS4/Vita code for review purposes.

Grade: C