God of War drops to $39; see the amusing “Midgard Mishaps” blooper reel

God of War, one of the best (and best-selling) PS4 games of 2018, has officially dropped down to only $39.99 leading up to the Holidays. So if you have not yet taken on the adventures of Kratos Dad and his Boi then definitely do so.

Also published alongside the PS Blog announcement was a pretty hilarious/amusing/disturbing blooper reel of glitches and bugs captured by Santa Monica Studio from God of War during development, and you should definitely take a look at below if you have not done so already.

God of War ? Midgard Mishaps | PS4:

God of War – Midgard Mishaps | PS4

What happens in Midgard, stays in Midgard.

Making a video game is difficult. Making a stable game that both pushes the capabilities of the hardware and creates a super immersive, no-camera-cut, epically-sized AAA gaming experience like the one seen in the new God of War, is vastly more difficult. This massive task, involving hundreds of people developing and implementing content simultaneously, which can often have a tendency to break things, definitely added to the challenge.