Genshin Impact v4.8 brings players a limited-time Summer map, events, a new character and more

Another X.8 patch is here for Genshin Impact, which means we get a new fever dream of an update and the lead-in to the upcoming nation of Natlan! Thanks to the 4.8 Special Program released, we have gotten news on a whole new area to explore harking back to previous Summer events. We can explore the new map known as “Simulanka”, a fantasy land inside of a magical storybook. We’ll be discovering 3 minigames spread throughout and solving puzzles alongside some characters we’ve come to know and love, including some without their big funny hats.

Two new areas were named for us, and those are the “Forest of Blessings” and the “Constellation Metropole”, and no, it’s not the Astral Express from Honkai Star Rail, so we can put our theories to rest. From the Forest of Blessings’ paper/oragami aesthetic to the more clockwork locations of the Constellation Metropole and more, there’s plenty to discover, explore, and learn about! In addition to that, we’ll be given three minigames to participate in scattered across the Simulanka, each earning you “Starsail Coins” you can use for something else that’s new in this update!

There will be a new side objective/minigame called “Figurine Fabrication”. As you claim victory in the main three minigames, you can get those Starsail Coins for use in this collection game. Spend your coins and you can earn dozens of figurines in various poses and looks, and display them on your shelf! I know it’ll bother me if there are missing figurines, so you can bet I’ll be trying to collect them all.

Nilou and Kirara fans can take solace in this patch, because you’ll be getting stylish new outfits for both characters. Kirara’s will be unlocked as you progress in the new event, allowing you to claim it after you hit a certain amount of the area-specific materials. Also, you can recruit Kirara for free when you hit a lesser amount of the currency. If you still need her Constellations like I do, this is great news! If you already have all of her Constellations, well, enjoy your free pull! As for Nilou, she will also be getting a new outfit in this patch, but you’ll have to cough up some of your Genesis Crystals for that one.

Last but not least, and one of the biggest things about every patch, let’s go over the characters on the banner of this patch. First up, when the update comes out on July 17th, we’ll have Navia and Nilou to open up the first half of Version 4.8. Following those two, we’ll be seeing Yelan and the new, upcoming Dendro polearm character Emilie.

Emilie is a Dendro polearm user that deals damage based on the burning status effect. Now, that’s not to say she’s a burning DPS, but she buffs her personal damage while enemies are afflicted by burning. Using her skill, she places a lantern that will attack nearby enemies with bursts of Dendro damage, and she will boost her range and attack speed upon burning being inflicted. This will upgrade her lanturn to level 2. Her ultimate will fully upgrade her lanturn to level 3, which further increases her attack speed from the structure. I don’t know about you, but it sounds like quite the nice use of a reaction not many other characters paid any attention to!

One of the final additions being added are “Echo” effects, which are nice visual trails that follow your characters through movement. In 4.8, the echoes we can acquire are for the characters Diluc, Qiqi, Kirara, Jean, and Ningguang, with more to come in later patches. For those who like a bit extra in the customization department for their favorite characters, you’re either very pleased with this patch or you’ll have to be patient for future updates to this feature!

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, Android and iOS platforms, and PlayStation  consoles.

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