Play some games, get some badges at Cygames’ booth at…Anime Expo

If you’ve interesting in horse racing…but felt it wasn’t “anime” then you might want to head over to Cygames booth (#3306) at Anime Expo. The publisher who I generally associate with Granblue Fantasy will bring a pair of titles from Umamusume.

That’s right, Horses that seemingly were sent to the glue factory get reborn as anime girls (OK, This is a grossly exaggerated explanation of the IP…but it kinda is the case). In Umamusume: Pretty Derby, you’re an up and coming trainer of umamusume and you have to help them become a racing champion. Umamusume: Pretty Derby – Party Dash is a party game set in the same universe.

Speaking of Granblue, players can check out Sandalphon, Seofon, and Tweyen who have recently arrived to the action rpg, Granblue Fantasy: Relink. If one on one conflict it what you seek Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising will also be at the booth where you can check out newer fights such as Beatrix and Vane as well as all the other DLC fighters the game has received since it’s launch this past December.

The booth will also feature activities for the upcoming Shadowverse Worlds Beyond, sales of items from the CyStore as well as the items from the Cygames/Berrics collaboration. Any attendee who plays any of the demos will receive stickers and badges from the games that will be on display.

Will I race to the booth to try Umamusume? No…but I will definitely spend some stable time with the horse girls…so perhaps stay tuned for that. Anime Expo is happening July 4th to the 7th at the Los Angeles Convention Center.