Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster gets a teaser trailer

Surprise Dead Rising fans! Capcom kinda unceremoniously dropped a teaser trailer for Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster, which they are planning on fully revealing in a few days time.

The teaser gives us shot of Frank West (who seemingly has a new voice actor) in part of that familiar intro in a news chopper hovering over the infamous Willamette Parkview Mall.

Check it out and check back soon for more info and media and whatnot.

Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster Teaser Trailer:

Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster Teaser Trailer

Hello? Is this thing on? This is Frank! Frank West! Is anyone out there?

Grab your camera and prepare for the big scoop on Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster. Stay tuned for more info soon!