We guess he’s back…in Pinball form, as Stern Pinball reveals John Wick machine

With the ubiquity of home consoles and mobile games, you think something like pinball would fade into obscurity like the hoop and stick or other playthings of the past, but thanks to establishments such as arcade bars, these always have a place and you know what when I’m trying to avoid drinking during social functions…they truly are a godsend to ensure I stay straight edge.

So it’s pretty cool to see Stern Pinball team up with Lionsgate to release a machine based on the world of John Wick. The action franchise which came out of nowhere in 2014 and has seen it expand from the silver screens to toy shelves, comics, digital streaming platforms, digital game store fronts and now pinball.

The John Wick Pinball game, you’ll play as well…John Wick. The game seemingly takes place during the course of the four theatrical films, where he is running for his life. Drive the 1969 Boss 429 Mustang, visit the Continental Hotel, the Red Circle Club and even open his arsenal to ensure you’re not constantly on the backfoot, all under the New York skyline.

The game also features an AI combat system that will mix up your objectives and adapt to your playstyle. As you take down your pursuers, you will see clips from the film where John expertly defeats his foes. If you need someone to keep you going on this seemingly “impossible task”, the game will pipe in brand new voice lines from Winston, who is the owner of the Continental voiced by Ian McShane himself.

Don’t think you’re the only Baba Yaga out in the wild. Stern’s Insider Connected system will allow players to compete across the world, track game progress, achievements and even be notified when special events are occurring in game. I think this is a pretty neat feature that allows you to take your progress with you.

The machine will be available in 3 flavors, the Pro, the Premium and the Limited Edition model, whose run is about 1000 machines. The limited edition also features Expression Lighting System and Speaker Expression Lighting, which reacts to the action on the playfield, anti-reflective glass, a bespoke stained glass backglass and other features which might justify its $3000 price difference over the Premium edition.

So while it’s not likely going to find a place in my home, I’m definitely going to slip this press release to the owner of my local arcade bar…cause I’m certainly willing to enter this world of assassination, one dollar at a time.

The John Wick Pinball machine is available now for purchase direct from Stern Pinball.

John Wick Pinball product shots:

John Wick Story Trailer:

John Wick Story Trailer

John Wick Pinball Game Trailer:

John Wick Pinball Game Trailer

John Wick Pinball Presented by Stern Pinball:

John Wick Pinball Presented by Stern Pinball