Quest Master strikes out onto Early Access May 29th

I’m gonna pull a Benny Rose and drop some lore for you all. When I got my first SNES in 1991 (We didn’t have enough money to get it at launch), the first title I owned wasn’t Super Mario World, but rather Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, so top down ARPGs have always had a soft spot in my heart. So it would come as no surprise when Apogee and Skydevilpalm revealed Quest Master, I knew I had to keep my eye on the title and pretty soon I’ll be able to craft all the dungeons I want as the title will be going into Early Access May 29th!

Today’s news does throw quite the curve ball…the fact that the game revealed that it will feature 3 player co-op! That’s right you’ll be able to play as Lanze, Javelynn and Shiv as you go questing in bespoke crafted dungeons, unearth both equipment and treasure, face off with all sorts of creatures!

Will you build a simple cavern filled with bats or a complex deathtrap that will surely ensnare any curious, yet foolish adventurer. The game offers simple drag and drop tools to build your very own stronghold. If you want to torment travelers across the globe, you can share your creation online, have it be ventured and most importantly graded by your peers.

If waiting for the 29th is too much for you, the game is offering an updated demo that will be going live today. One that should give you a bigger taste of what’s to come when the game arrives to Early Access at the end of the month.

Will you brave through the endless dungeons that will be built by the community or perhaps will you test the mettle of adventurers with your diabolical creations, either choice is yours when Quest Master comes out on Early Access on PC May 29th, 2024!

Quest Master | Early Access Trailer | Available May 29

Quest Master | Early Access Trailer | Available May 29

Quest Master screens: