Pokémon GO gets a detailed new avatar system as part of “RediscoverGO” updates

Heads up all you dedicated Pokémon GO trainers, Niantic is working on a series of updates to the game they have rolled into a “Rediscover Pokémon GO” campaign.

There’s more than a few features, enhancements and goodies coming to the game as part of the series of updates, but the first, which is live today, is for the avatar system (which hasn’t changed since launch). Pokémon GO will now offers way more trainer customization/personalization options including body type/shape/size, skin tones, facial expressions, eye colors, hairstyles and other advanced tweaks.

In addition, there will be additional cosmetics and styles in the Style Shop — which is probably to be expected.

The other Rediscover updates (Your World, Kanto, Reality) will be rolling out in coming weeks, which are/will be detailed a bit more thoroughly at the official site.

It’s time to #RediscoverGO!:

It’s time to #RediscoverGO!

For the first time since launch, Pokémon GO is receiving an update to its avatar system. With the new update to both the Style Shop and avatars, Trainers have access to a wider range of expression with upgraded cosmetics to flaunt their unique style wherever they play.

The new avatar system provides exciting new ways for Trainers to express themselves with requested features from the community. Trainers can now personalize their avatar by adjusting body shape, size, eye color, skin tones, and new hairstyles.

For more information about the new avatar system, please check out the blog post.