Motion Twin shows off gameplay of their newest title, Windblown

After spending 10+ years working on Dead Cells, French indie co-op game studio Motion Twin revealed gameplay of their next project Windblown. Taking the perspective from 2D to isometric 3D, we’re going to be taking on the role of a Leaper as they traverse through the ever changing sky islands to defend their home from the Sentinels.

You would think that traversing through disconnected islands would require some platforming skills, the Leapers can seemingly cross islands in lightning speed and precision. This speed can also be used to dodge enemy strikes and projectiles! However you’re not always going to be on the defensive, wield and switch between 2 weapons, utilize Alterattacks and Cystallize attacks to crush the aggressive machines that look to end your run.

Speaking of runs, explore and collect trinkets, gifts and…fish? Trinkets provide alternate offensive options, be it poison clouds that whittle your foes health, or something more impactful like bombs. Gifts grant passive boons, such as healing the leaper when they defeat an enemy or allowing you to chain 2 Alterattacks. Fish…is certainly an interesting mechanic. In a way they’re kind of like trinkets, but they apparently have a longer cooldown time. The one revealed in today’s trailer can travel in a straight line, swallow any foes in their path and allow leapers to take potshots at the imprisoned foe. Players will surely find weapons, trinkets, gifts and fishes that will suit their preferred playstyle.

You don’t have to go it alone in Windblown as the game features 3 player co-op and the game is set for Early Access later this year. Like Dead Cells, the team is looking to incorporate player feedback and are still actively holding beta tests ahead of the game’s Early Access launch, for those who wish to pitch in, visit the game’s official website, for more details!

Windblown’s Steam Page is currently live, players can wishlist the title and follow the development on the game’s community page.

Windblown screens:

Windblown Gameplay Trailer:

Windblown Gameplay Trailer