Leaving the Vault? Make sure to protect your peepers with these Fallout x GUNNAR frames

With the live action Fallout show releasing on April 11th, Amazon Studios have teamed up GUNNAR to release a new set of frames inspired  by the iconic IP. Make sure you don’t get eyestrain as you binge the adventures of Lucy (Ella Purnell) as she exits Vault Tec Vault #33 to explore the wasteland that used to be Los Angeles.

The Fallout Vault 33 frames are a retro-futuristic square style frame that is constructed with stainless steel and nylon. Its thickness evokes safety goggles and the Vault Tec’s logo etched on temples will definitely let any vault dweller know that they are using a quality product. For those with perfect vision, you can grab these gunmetal/olive frames on Amazon and choose from 3 lens types depending on how much blue light blocking you need (clear, amber, sun). If you’re like me and have a need for a corrective lens, you can get a prescription version directly on GUNNAR’s website. Each frame will come in a collectible box in the franchise’s blue and yellow colors, microfiber cloth and a pouch featuring Vault Boy giving you the ol’ thumbs up.

Fallout Vault 33 frames are available now on Amazon and GUNNAR.com and the live action Fallout series show is set to premiere on Prime Video on April 11th.

Fallout x GUNNAR frames product shots: