Mighty Coconut and Aardman team up for a Wallace & Gromit-themed Walkabout Mini Golf course

Hot off the release of their Ice Lair course just a few days ago, those creative Walkabout Mini Golf designers over at Mighty Coconut have announced that they have officially partnered up with Aardman for a brand new Wallace & Gromit licensed course.

Set to roll out this summer for $3.99, the “course full of contraptions” will take players through a virtual 62 West Wallaby Street and will be released on all supported VR platforms (PS VR2, Meta Quest, Pico, Steam VR) as well as the iOS Pocket Edition.  There’s no trailer or screens yet but we’re sure to see those pretty soon.

Check out the announcement from Aardman and Mighty Coconut below.

There’s a new attraction at 62 West Wallaby Street… mini golf built by the iconic English duo Wallace & Gromit! Mighty Coconut, the independent entertainment studio behind the most beloved and best rated multiplayer experience in virtual reality—Walkabout Mini Golf, is partnering with multi-award-winning studio Aardman to bring generations of fans together for immersive fun. The downloadable content (DLC) course will feature 18 easy mode and hard mode holes, specially designed lost balls to collect, a commemorative in-game putter, and themed avatars all set in the world of Wallace & Gromit.

“Wallace are renowned for their love of Tea, this felt a natural partnership for them to Tee off with a new adventure….! When we first met with Mighty Coconut about the idea, we knew that there were plenty of opportunities to explore,” Sean Clarke, Managing Director of Aardman said. “With Walkabout Mini Golf, not only do fans get to putt through 62 West Wallaby Street, they can be there together–across their flat or across the globe as they relive old memories and make new ones. Whether they are immersing themselves in the course in virtual reality or hopping in on their iPhone or iPad, loyal fans of Wallace & Gromit—and people new to their pair’s hijinx—can count on discovering the humour, and the clever contraptions that generations have come to love.”

The course (the 27th for Walkabout Mini Golf) will be available for $3.99 USD/£3.16 pound sterling as an add-on to Walkabout Mini Golf (on Meta Quest 2/Pro/3, PlayStation VR2, Steam, and PICO platforms as well as iOS devices via Walkabout Mini Golf: Pocket Edition). “Walkabout Mini Golf: Wallace & Gromit” follows other licensed courses based on Jim Henson’s Labyrinth, Cyan’s Myst, and Meow Wolf. The beautifully imagined and immersive courses allow players to be in these beloved worlds, to cosplay as the characters, and to make new memories with their mates as they challenge one another to mini golf, scavenger hunts, and more.

“Taking our players to 62 West Wallaby Street is such a thrill as a storytelling studio that started in animation,” said Lucas Martell, creator of Walkabout Mini Golf and head of Mighty Coconut. “Aardman has been a fantastic creative partner and has fully supported our imaginations running wild as superfans of Wallace & Gromit. We think people will be delighted with the charm and inventiveness they find that Wallace and Gromit have been up to in designing and building this new course.” More at www.mightycoconut.com/wallaceandgromit

Mighty Coconut launched Walkabout Mini Golf on the Meta Quest in the fall of 2020 and it has steadily grown to be a player favorite and system seller, with a nearly perfect five-star rating with over 11,000 reviews on Meta Quest—making it the best-rated multiplayer game on Quest and Steam platforms as well as a top 10 selling PlayStation VR2 title since launch. Player engagement boasts a 2-Hour Usage Rate for more than 50% of users (around 10 times the standard), meaning they play Walkabout Mini Golf until their battery runs out. Hundreds of thousands of intergenerational players from over 40 countries meet in the game regularly to play mini golf, to catch up, and to make new memories together.