Candy and trivia combine when Push Pop Gummy Pop-its takeover NYC Board Game Cafes this Saturday

As a child getting a Push Pop was tantamount to winning the lottery. However as you age and put away childish things, you forget the simpler things in life. That’s why it was fascinating to receive a word from Bazooka Candy Brands (It seems Bazooka Joe finally made something of himself.) that in an effort to promote their candy offerings by taking over several NYC Board Game Cafes.

Push Pop Gummy Pop-its (bit of a mouthful…) is celebrating the #gummiesgotgame initiative where you draw a game card that you print out from this Instagram post, have someone pop a gummy candy from a container of Push Pop Gummy Pop-its, depending on the flavor they get (Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Berry Blast and Watermelon), they’ll need to do the corresponding action that’s on your card. Does it feel like Trivial Pursuit? Yes. Is there scoring? Doesn’t seem to. But will you be chomping on candy and having a laugh? Hopefully!

With that said, for those who hate using printers you can visit one of Hex & Co or a specific Sip & Play tomorrow April 13th to get a physical copy of the deck as well as samples of the Push Pop Gummy Pop-its! Here is the list of participating locations

  • Hex & Co. West, 2911 Broadway, 10025: 10am-1pm ET
  • Hex & Co. East, 1462 1st Ave, 10075: 10am-1pm ET
  • Hex & Co. Union Square, 801 Broadway, 10003: 10am-1pm ET
  • Sip & Play, 471 5th Ave, 11215: 2pm-6pm ET

So while I’m sure the game won’t last through an entire game night, it’ll at least be a sweet start!