Genshin Impact v4.6 brings “Father” home

Looks like there’s trouble brewing in the House of Hearth and an inevitable showdown will finally go down as Genshin Impact 4.6 arrives. The updated dubbed “Two Worlds Aflame, the Crimson Night Fades” seemingly will finally pit the Traveler against another member of the Fatui Harbinger.

Arlecchino, aka “The Knave” aka “Father of the House of Hearth”, aka “The Fourth Harbinger” was seemingly an unexpected ally during the events of the Fontaine Archon quest. Well this alliance is seemingly broken as version 4.6 will introduce a questline that will ultimately introduce a new trounce domain which are weekly boss battles where victory will net you character upgrade materials.

In addition to being a weekly boss, Arlecchino will also become recruitable in a summon banner that will take place in the first half of the update. She is a pyro spear user who will be able to utilize a mechanic that was previously only utilized by advanced Fatui units. The Bond of Life, when afflicted, the target is unable to heal, however when Arlecchino uses this mechanic she can enhance her attacks and seemingly deal pyro damage on creatures that would normally nullify its effects. For those who want to utilize the Bond of Life mechanic on other characters you can test your luck by summoning this version’s new 5 star polearm, Crimson Moon’s Semblance.

Besides revealing more about the House of Hearth and it’s members, this update will also allow players to explore the ruins of the Remurian Empire in Fontaine, get roped into Itto Arataki latest wacky machinations in Iridescent Arataki Rockin’ For Life Tour De Force of Awesomeness and Mondstadt’s activity Windtrace returns for a 4th time (and I will ignore it for a 4th time). All that and another opportunity to recruit Lyney, The Wanderer and Baizhu await when Genshin Impact 4.6 arrives on April 24th.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, iOS, Android and the PlayStation platform.

Genshin Impact v4.6 screens/art:

Version 4.6 “Two Worlds Aflame, the Crimson Night Fades” Trailer | Genshin Impact:

Version 4.6 "Two Worlds Aflame, the Crimson Night Fades" Trailer | Genshin Impact