Top Racer Collection afflicts the Mandela effect on US gamers as this retro compilation releases on consoles

Ah the SNES, so many great titles came out on it and while most people will only talk about Mario Kart when the conversation about racing games comes up. However those who know will drop Top Gear and its 2 sequels as samples of the console’s racing chops…leaving gamers outside of the US to scratch their heads wondering what games are those? For you see, just as the Super Famicom had to become the Super Nintendo, Top Gear was actually known by a different moniker outside of the USA, Top Racer specifically.

Thanks to QUByte, players across the globe can finally reconcile the naming discrepancy and enjoy these 3 classic racing titles on modern platforms. Top Racer Collection collects the 3 titles and adds save states, online play, custom cups, and time attack to the fray! The title even includes archival documents such as box art, manuals and cartridge labels so you can see what other players plugged into their 16 bit Nintendo console.

So if you can battle back the minor name change and avoid deadnaming these games, you’re in for some nostalgic fun! Just don’t blow all your Nitro on the first lap!

Top Racer Collection is available now on PC, Switch, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Top Racer Collection – Launch Trailer | Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox and Steam:

Top Racer Collection - Launch Trailer | Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox and Steam

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