SEGA appoints Justin Scarpone as head of Transmedia

Whether you like it or not, Video Games are taking over the world. After a decade plus of Comic Book properties getting the spotlight in popular culture, Video Games is now stepping up and creating products that can be enjoyed worldwide. SEGA. who’s seen success with their Sonic the Hedgehog movies, animated series and related merchandise apparently is looking to monetize their other popular properties such as Persona and Like a Dragon.

In their attempt to do so SEGA has appointed Justin Scarpone to lead the company’s transmedia strategy. For those who need a refresher on what transmedia means, it’s essentially the telling of stories via multiple mediums such as TV, books, games etc. Scarpone is no stranger to the task, as he has spent 17 years assisting Disney in expanding it’s video game portfolio and was instrumental in helping launch titles such as Marvel Future Fight, LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum and Kingdom Hearts in Asia. He was also responsible for the licensing and distribution of consumer products for Disney Brands such as Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars in Japan.

I’m certainly rooting for Mr. Scarpone’s success as I would very much prefer that Like a Dragon merchandise be produced and sold domestically (I still never got those hangers they sold abroad). So let’s hope he and his team will produce plenty of products that will bring joy to fans of SEGA properties worldwide!