Nintendo Switch Online members get a trio of classic Mario Game Boy titles tomorrow

In case you missed the announcement during the MAR10 Day 2024 event from yesterday, a trio of classic Game Boy titles featuring Mario will be heading to the Nintendo Switch Online library quite soon.  “Soon” in this case being tomorrow!

Those who subscribe to the base plan will finally get access to Dr. Mario, Mario Golf and Mario Tennis beginning on March 12th, 2024. So make sure to check it out when they hit the library and go live for everyone, including those who redeemed the free 2 week Nintendo Switch Online trial too!

See some screens from those classics below along with the official announcement from Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch Online – Dr. Mario, Mario Golf, Mario Tennis screens:

Three Classic Game Boy Games Featuring Mario Coming to Nintendo Switch Online:

On March 12, three classic games featuring Mario make the leap onto Nintendo Switch, available to play as part of the Game Boy – Nintendo Switch Online library:

  • First, there’s Dr. Mario, the classic puzzle challenge where you’ll throw multi-shaded vitamin capsules into a bottle filled with nasty viruses. Move, shift or spin the capsules as they fall to make the viruses disappear.
  • The stakes are high in Mario Golf as you race to become the Grand Champion of golf. Four Club Champs stand in your way, and you’ll have to defeat them all to get a shot at playing the most famous golfer in the land!
  • In Mario Tennis, develop from a rookie to a seasoned pro by honing your skills in four fun-packed game modes. Practice at the Royal Tennis Academy, take on the Mario Tour and keep your skills sharp through a series of challenging minigames.