Let the fashion flow as Tekken 8 gets an in-game shop

Tekken 8 is a certified success (see our review here), but the team at Bandai Namco isn’t resting on their laurels! As the team pushed out a new patch. Ver 1.02.01 brings some multiplayer fixes, but the most visible change that this version brings is the Tekken Shop!

The shop which allows you to buy cosmetics for both fighters and avatars will utilize Tekken Coins, a paid currency which can be purchased on your platform’s digital storefront. Legacy character costumes are some of the planned merchandise which will be sold in this storefront and as with most attempts to monetize post release there is a contingent of the fanbase that is upset with the tactics taken. Personally I understand their gripes as in the past, content like this would be unlocked gradually via gameplay or a secret code. However I also understand the realities of business…whether I agree with it or not. Personally I don’t think I will be buying too many Tekken Coins, but if someone really wants to adorn their Jin with the outfit he wore in Tekken 4, more power to them!

That said the team did extend an olive branch to players by offering the Tekken x UNIQLO t-shirts as a free purchase to commemorate the shop’s launch. These shirts mirror the designs sold at the apparel retailer and can be used on the characters as well as your avatar.

I’m sure this is but one of many updates that will be coming to the latest entry of this storied franchise. I’ll certainly pop in periodically to see what’s available in the Tekken Shop…hey who knows maybe they’ll release something so desirable that I’ll get some Tekken Coin. It’s not an impossibility!

Tekken 8 is available now on PC, Switch, the PlayStation and Xbox platform.