Hear Richard Horvitz whenever you want with these new talking Psychonauts plushies

Psychonauts is truly the franchise that could. A quirky open world platformer from the wondrous mind of Tim Schafer, it gradually found an audience and eventually became a cult classic which finally saw a sequel in 2021. Double Fine Productions has since found new ownership in the form of Microsoft and we haven’t heard from the studio since. Thankfully the team at Iam8bit still has a line of communication with the studio as evident by the fact the bespoke gaming retailer revealed a new product from the Psychonauts IP.

That’s right, the company is taking pre-orders on not one, but two plushies based on Razputin “Raz” Aquato and Lili Zanotto! Each plush stands at 18” tall, features bendable appendages and when you press their belly (Please don’t do that to people in real life…the phrase you might hear might be “someone call the cops!”) you can hear one of ten phrases. Each one will cost $39.99 and they will start shipping in Q3 2024.

So if you truly consider yourself a fan of Psychonauts you better head over to iam8bit.com and get those pre-orders in because pre-orders will close on April 2nd 11:59pm PST/April 3rd 2:59am EST.

Let’s hope these sell well cause I’m gonna need some of the more obscure characters from the game in plush form!

Psychonauts Plushies: