Give your Dreamcast VMUs a new look thanks to Video Games New York

The Dreamcast might be SEGA’s last foray into home video game hardware, but it left an indelible mark on the industry. The console offered a multi-functional memory card called the VMU (Visual Memory Unit), that not only stored your save files, but you could even play minigames on the device when you’re not near your console. The device came in many colors, but more than likely you’ll only encounter White or Blue in the USA. Well the folks at Video Games New York finally decided we need more colors! New York’s biggest independent video game store has started a Kickstarter campaign to drum up interest in their new line of replacement VMU shells.

At a relatively low crowdfunding goal of $1999 (Although this is probably more a reference to the year the console came out than the actual amount they need), VGNY is initially offering 6 colors (clear, smoke black, transparent purple, transparent orange, silver and gold) and if the campaign reaches a certain milestone in funds raised at least 2 additional colors will be made available.

As a long time customer of the store which is situated a couple blocks away from St. Marks Place in Manhattan, I can guarantee this won’t be a campaign where they take your money and run. The team has shown they have done the heavy lifting by recreating the shell digitally and even invested in the injection molding molds, meaning these won’t be just cheap 3D printed shells. The store has also entered the publishing front with their VGNYsoft where they help indies publish physical copies of their titles after they’ve been passed up by other physical stores. So I believe this project is on the up and up and I can expect this product to be available at their store, website and their convention booths for years to come.

While I’m not exactly interested in the colors announced, I do look forward to the color possibilities…Chrome? Pearlescent? Glow in the Dark? I just might have to nudge hard enough and the Dreamcast VMU of my dreams might be a reality sooner than I think.

Video Games New York’s Kickstarter campaign “Replacement Dreamcast VMU Shells for Dreamcast Memory Card” is live now and will be running until April 13th.