Displate takes posters to the next dimension with Textra

Displate’s selling point has always been sturdy posters printed on metal that can be easily swapped using the company’s magnetic mounts. Clearly there is a market for hot swappable, yet durable posters as the company has managed to secure licenses from brands such as Marvel, DC, Star Wars as well as gaming IPs such as Halo, Call of Duty and Legend of Zelda

The company revealed a brand new product offering that will make their posters pop off. Textra turns 2D images into 3D posters via the company’s unique process. The offering which is available now on the company’s website is being offered on 250 designs and in their “M” sizing which is 17.7” x 12.6”. The full listing of Textra supported can be viewed here and each poster will start at $69.

To commemorate the release of this brand new offering Displate CEO Bartek Małecki offered the following comment.

“From its inception, Displate has challenged the notion, “just a poster,” bringing fans and collectors a high-quality collectible with our easy magnet mounting. Textra is the evolution of our metal posters, with a proprietary 3D finish that expands on the emotional connection of our posters, awakening our fans’ favorite themes, characters, and passions,” said Displate CEO Bartek Małecki. “Textra delivers pop culture to-the-max, for an emotional and immersive experience that fans will engage not only visually, but with touch as well.”

Are you currently a Displate customer? Will this new offering entice you to upgrade your existing print? Here’s hoping more designs will be offered as a Textra poster as there are plenty of standard designs I can see working well as a 3D poster.

Displate Textra product shots: