Contra: Operation Galuga returns to the jungle today

Dibs on the Spread Shot! It seems the Red Falcon terrorist group is back at it again, forcing Bill Rizer and Lance Bean to deploy on the Galuga Archipelago. Secure ordinances on site, team up with other warriors, earn and equip perks to push back the alien forces encroaching in this tropical region.

This classic title has been modernized by the team at Way Forward. Your special weapons can be leveled up and even exhausted in a power one use attack! The game also has featured voice work from luminaries such a Steve Blum and Kira Buckland and a remix soundtrack featuring a wide swath of composers such as Tee Lopes, RichaadEB, Alex Moukala, Jemy Hiiragi, Banjo Guy Ollie, Eirik Suhrke, and BraveWave Productions.

The game’s physical edition is currently available for pre-order on Limited Run Games and features several SKUs including one that includes dog tags, action figures of Bill and Lance, an expanded soundtrack, Earth Marine Corps patch, Red Falcon pin, art book, and sticker sheet. Not only is the physical game available, but other merchandise such as skateboard decks, posters and t-shirts are available for a limited time here.

Contra: Operation Galuga is available now digitally on PC, Switch, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Contra: Operation Galuga screens:

Contra: Operation Galuga | Launch Trailer:

Contra: Operation Galuga | Launch Trailer

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