You can hail Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom on April 9th!

When I wasn’t double fisting drinks at the MIX’s PAX West event last year, one of the titles that caught my eye was an open world driving game with N64-era type graphics. Like most things I saw on the event I noted, and wishlisted it on Steam. Today We got word that the guys at…Those Awesome Guys will be publishing that open world driving game (developed by Panik Arcade), Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom on PC April 9th!

One part driving game, one part collect-a-thon, drive in an expansive polygonal world, collect coins and help weirdos to earn even more coins! I’d probably write more, but I much rather direct you to Panik Arcade’s steam page for the game, which they are very proud to have secured a very unique url for,!

Try the demo out today, and get ready to get some real fares without the use of a jump button April 9th.

Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom screens:

You’re a N64 taxi and there’s 🚫 no jump button?

You're a N64 taxi and there's 🚫 no jump button?