Celebrate 20 years of PAX when the show returns to Seattle this fall

The afterglow of PAX East has barely evaporated, some of us *ahem* Brendan *ahem* lament the event ended and enter a malaise, while others return home to a pile of boxes unopened and plenty of unanswered emails. Let’s just say we all deal with the end of a fantastic weekend in their own ways and the folks at ReedPop and Penny Arcade cope by announcing the dates when tickets will go on sale for their next event.

PAX which is celebrating its 20th anniversary will be returning to the city where it all started, Seattle, Washington on Labor Day Weekend, August 30th to September 2nd. Tickets for the event which will be held at the Seattle Convention Center will start on Thursday May 30th. I’m sure the show will bring plenty of big publishers, indie devs and the fine folks at Idahoan who will provide photo ops and dispense their delicious potato shreds.

PAX East might be in the rearview, but at the close of the show it was revealed that the 2025 edition will take us into warmer months as it will be held from May 8th through May 11th. Perhaps this means Brendan will have to take less luggage next year as you will more than likely keep that winter jacket in the closet and perhaps even catch a major league game at Fenway if you’ve had your fill of video games for the day!

Regardless if you’re an East Coaster or a West Coaster, there will be plenty of PAXs for years to come!