Possession of an endangered species results in violence in Tiger Blade coming Feb. 22nd

With a plot right out of an action movie, developer Ikimasho set out to make you feel like a badass in VR with their action title Tiger Blade. The game is set in an alternate Korea where you take the role as an assassin in the Tiger Clan. A routine job leaves you in possession of a tiger cub, an animal long thought to be dead in this timeline. With such precious cargo you’re now a wanted man even amongst people who were once your ally. Can you survive this full on assault and ensure the safety of this very sought after animal.

Watching the trailer, the game gave me some serious “Red Steel” vibes, hopefully the developers studied the title thoroughly, grabbed what worked and left what didn’t from those titles from the Wii era. We’ll find out soon enough as Tiger Blade will arrive on the Quest series of headsets on February 22nd. Those who pick up the title pre-launch can nab 10% off the title’s regular price of $21.99.

Tiger Blade is also available now on PS VR2 on the PlayStation 5.

Tiger Blade | Meta Quest Release Date Trailer:

Tiger Blade | Meta Quest Release Date Trailer